TrustFire DF50 Powerful Diving Flashlight CREE XM2 U3 6500LM+395nm UV Light Video Dive Lighting for Underwater Search


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1.TrustFire DF50 Max 6500 Lumens Video Diving Photoraphy Lights Underwater 100m Dive Lighting Flashlight High Bright Diving Torch

TrustFire DF50 is a diving flashlight specially designed for scuba diving, cave diving, free diving and other underwater sports lighting.

2.Product Specification

1-Professional anti-pressure waterproof structure design, diving protection depth of 70 meters.
2-Professional pressure-resistant button design, even in 70 meters deep underwater, still can achieve operation.
3-White light, red light, ultraviolet three-color fill light
4-Using the international patent LED with 50000 hours lifetime.
5-Using 3pcs 21700 3.7V 5000mAh customized rechargeable battery pack.
6-Constant current circuit, constant brightness.
7-Anti-reverse connection design to prevent the battery from being installed reversely which may cause harm to the circuit.
8-Made of aviation aluminum material, the surface is anti-wear processing with hard anodizing.
9-coating tempered glass lens to effectively reduce light loss.

3.Three colors fill light

DF50 adopts three different LED light sources and one-button neck shape design; the three light sources are: ultraviolet light, red light, and white light, which can meet different needs.

4.Max 6500Lumens, Max range 105 Meters

In white light mode,the Max brightness up to 6500 Lumens,and Max beam range 105 Meters

5.There are 4 different LEDs creating 3 different color beam light

6*XM2 U3 lamp beads, white light (flooding) color temperature 6000K, up to 150 degrees flooding can provide 6500 lumens of underwater lighting.

3* XE-3535 red LEDs, 620nm wavelength, provide pure and efficient red light, suitable for underwater photography, creative photography fill light and red light-insensitive fish fill light.

3*XPU UV LEDs with a wavelength of 395nm and pure UV light, suitable for underwater photography of fish and corals with fluorescent substances, more suitable for creative photography fill light.

6.Diving depth 70 meters

Built to last: Waterproof IPX8 & Wearproof III hard anodic oxidation treatment. Diving depth up to 70 meters.

7.Structure of DF50 flashlight

The lamp holder structure adopts double-sided anti-reflection coating tempered glass lens to effectively reduce light loss.

White light uses 6 XM2 U3 leds:White light (flood light) color temperature 6000K, up to 150 degrees large flood light can provide 6500 lumens underwater Large-scale lighting.

Red light uses 3 XE-3535 red leds:620nm wavelength, providing pure and efficient red light, suitable for underwater shooting creative photography supplement.Photographic fill light for fishes that are not sensitive to red light.

Violet light uses 3 XPU UV LED leds:Wavelength 395nm, pure ultraviolet light, suitable for shooting underwater Fluorescent fish and corals are more suitable for creative photography

8.with Four-level battery indicator

There is a battery indicator on the neck of the flashlight. When it is turned off, click the switch, the battery indicator will light up, and it will automatically go out after 2 seconds.
Different colors represent different remaining power.
flashing red 0%-5%, please charge in time

9.Body material

It is made of aerospace aluminum and has a hard anodized surface with anti-wear treatment; the anti-slip barrel design is easy for you to hold an electric in one hand.

10.USE good quality ARB5000U battery pack

Capacity: 5000mAh
Voltage: 11.1V
Battery pack power: 55.5WH
with Type-C charging port
with Charging indicator:red light means charging, Green light means full charge.

Type-C charging parameters: A. Voltage input range: 3-22V B. Support charging protocol: PD2.0/PD3.0/PPS/
C. Charger voltage recognition: 20V/15V/12V/9V/5V
Maximum charging power : (input)-22V/3.5A; (output)-22V/3A

Battery pack protection functions:
A. Over current protection B. Over discharge protection C. Over charged protection D. 0V battery can be repaired

11.battery selection for battery pack

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with protection board (Trustfire-battery pack series and so on)


9.Wide angle beam

150 degrees wide beam angle, suitable for underwater photography and video lighting. White/Red/UV LED creating a great light for viewing all types of sea lifeGreat coverage! No blind angle for underwater photography.

10.Neck one-button switch Professional compression-resistant button design

Under unlocked mode,long press the side switch for 0.5 seconds to turn on/off

Switch working mode
When flashlight is ON, click the side switch to change modes from violet light mode →red light mode→high mode→low mode

SOS mode:
When the flashlight is OFF, long press the switch for 2 seconds to enter into SOS mode , click the switch to return to the working mode.

Memory mode:
Flashlight will memorize the last time working mode automatically before it turn off. And go to the last time working mode for next turn on.

Accidentally touch prevention【lock/unlock】:
◎Lock: When flashlight is off , double-click quickly switch into lock mode, it will flash twice in low light and locked.
◎Unlock: When flashlight is locked mode, double-click quickly to unlock and switch into the working mode.

11.Widely Used:Good choice for Underwater Photo & Video light

White/Red/UV LED creating a great light for viewing all types of sea life

12.Convenient Ball Joint :1 Inch(25mm)

the dive light Comes with a ball joint for easy mounting to any-camera system such as Xiaoyi, Gopro, action cameras and DSLR camera.

13.Package including


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