Metal Detector Long Range Handheld Metal Finder 1200m Search Range 20m Depth High Sensitivity Underground Treasure Locator


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Metal Detector Long Range Handheld Metal Finder High Sensitivity Underground Treasure Locator AC 100‑240V


1. More Precise Range Positioning: With a remote search system and an accurate location detection system, the positioning range is more accurate, and it can accurately determine where the object is buried and locate it.
2. More Accurate Property Positioning: The property positioning is more accurate, and specific types of metals can be identified through the frequency regulator.
3. High Sensitivity: The detector has high sensitivity and stability, can identify different types of metals, and can easily find metal objects that are useful to you.
4. High Efficiency: The microelectronic processor is used to control the chip unit calibration and instrument self test system, which can scan and test conveniently and quickly, improve the work efficiency of treasure finding workers, and reduce the labor strength of testing.
5. Application: You can use the metal detector to explore more places to find treasures, looking for gold, silver.


Item Type: Metal Detector

Material: ABS
Product Color: As Pictures Shown
Product Weight: Approx. 2148g / 75.8oz
Built in Battery: Rechargeable (lithium ion battery, 9.6V, 800mAh)
Power Adapter Voltage: AC 100-240V
Uses: In addition to military applications, it is also widely used in security inspections, archaeological treasure finding, and mineral prospecting.
Technical Parameter:
1. Search Range: 1200m / 3937ft
2. Detection Depth: 20m / 66ft
3. Transmission Frequency: 5.6-6KHz
4. Signal Frequency: 360-440Hz

1. Hold the instrument and scan it in an arc very slowly, and then rotate it along with you. At this time, the prospector's elbows should always be tightly attached to the sides of the body, and it is enough to rotate about 40 to 60 degrees. Note: The prospector must rotate slowly and maintain a steady body.
2. Standardize your scanning actions. First of all, let the receiving antenna stretch out correctly. Make the receiving antenna directly in front of you, open at 90 degrees to your body, and not deflect to the left and right.
3. When the antenna is aligned with the target, the instrument will confirm it, even if you cross the target and continue to explore. When you feel that this determination is effective, you keep this direction in mind. Then, move the instrument to the left or right about 10 meters, and repeat the process of determining the policy just mentioned. Observing the determined direction this time, the intersection of the two directions is the buried position of the target.
4. If you feel that the specific position measured just now has a slight deviation, you can determine it from another point of view. If the target is within about 10 meters, you will slowly and steadily follow a prescribed route. When you pass the target and you are directly above it, the antenna of the instrument will shake on both sides. The position measured at this time is very accurate. (Please refer to the manual for specific operation instructions) The product has its own degaussing function (as long as the receiver probe near the iron metal and alarm three times, it can demagnetization)

Package List:

1 x Detector

1 x Signal Bar

1 x Adapter

1 x Manual

1 x Carrying Case

How to use:


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